No Bake Sea Salted Caramel Coconut Macaroon Recipe

I absolutely adore Christmas time; the beautifully decorated trees, the cards, the visits from friends and family, not to mention Santa, hot cocoa, children playing, I could go on and on. Like they say It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

One of my most favorite things about Christmas, especially Christmas in Newfoundland is the array of wonderful cookie trays. Loaded down with so many types of cookies and cakes that are super appealing to the eye I might ad.

I think most people would say that their eyes are bigger than their bellies when it comes to saying no to some of the most decadent treats you will ever taste.

From snowballs, to shortbread, peanut butter balls, cherry blossoms, bounty balls, moose farts, Jello balls and all kinds of bark and Christmas crack and bark just to name a few. I’m sure I can fill an entire post with a list of all the different types of cookies you may see on a Newfoundland Kitchen table.

A few salted caramel macaroons and turtle cookies I made a while back.

It seems to me almost every home will have a assortment of cookies and treats for their friends and family to try. Don’t forget the Mummers!

If you are unsure of what mummer or mummering is, Its a very old Newfoundland tradition whereby neighbors would dress up in old costumes mostly Nans underwear, Bra or poppies long johns, with socks on their hands and Mitts on their feet. They would go house to house and visit friends and family.

The saying goes that if you could guess who the mummer was, it would predict unfortunate times for the home for the next year so. Most times the faces of the mummers would be completely covered. A lot of the time it was just an old pillow sac with the eyes cut out.

After a dance around the stove and a little nip of rum, whiskey, brandy or whatever was to be had, the mummers would be on their way to the next home before they died of the heat!

Here’s a song that’s very popular in Newfoundland Christmas time. The quality is lacking because its the original video but it sure does reflect mummering quite well indeed:

Wasn’t that fun! Heres another example this ones a little better quality:

It almost makes me a little sad that some of these traditions will be lost. I think mummering if Newfoundland has been illegal for quite some time.

On with the recipe!

When it comes to No bake recipes, this tried and true salted caramel macaroon recipe is one of the best. Its easy to prepare with minimal ingredients that I’m sure are easy to find and will keep your family and loved ones coming back for more.

Watch me make these delicious No Bake salted caramel macaroons recipe to follow:

Easy peasy right? They sure do taste amazing! In order to make these No Bake Salted Caramel Macaroons you will need the following:


  • 3 Tbsp of milk or cream
  • 6 Tbsp of real butter ( salted or unsalted)
  • a 269 gram bag of Kraft caramels ( other brands work well too)
  • 4 1/4 cups of sweetened shredded coconut
  • 4-5 oz of semisweet or dark chocolate
  • Sea Salt


In a large, heavy bottomed sauce pan combine butter, milk or cream and your unwrapped caramels. I usually unwrap them ahead of time.

Slowly melt over medium low heat until the mixture is all combined. Dont allow this mixture to come to a boil we just need to melt it.

Add coconut, stir until everything is mixed together and then using a cookie scoop, place mounds on a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Allow to cool completly. While they are cooling you can melt your chocolate over a double boiler being careful not to burn it.

Dip all bottoms and then place your leftover chocolate into either a disposable piping bag or a sandwich bag. Push it all into the corner of the bag and snip the tiny tip off. Drizzle over your gorgeous Macaroons! Yummy!

When you get them all complete sprinkle lightly with sea salt. It really does balance the sweetness perfectly.


With all this talk about Christmas, Its that time of year when Newfoundland’s Beauty and the Bay has their annual Christmas Baking Photo Contest. Details are here:

Contest ends on Midnight Dec 18, 2021 and is open to all Canadian residents

Here’s an entry submitted by Lorraine Burton. She made my Cherry Blossoms don’t they look amazing!

Photo submitted by Lorraine Burton

Get your entries in! We will be drawing for a $30 Walmart gift card on December 23rd 2021. Every photo entered has a chance to win. (Not affiliated with Walmart or Facebook Must follow Facebooks’ official rules) Good Luck!


Thank you so much for your support. If you haven’t done so already pop over to my YouTube channel and subscribe!

As usual I will share my favorite ingredients:

The caramels were Kraft find them here:

The coconut was No Name find it here:

The sea salt was Heavenly spices find it here:

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