Easy Russian Chicken Recipe

Served on a bed of basmati rice

This tried-and-true recipe is super easy and super delicious with only a few ingredients you probably have on hand. Juicy chicken breast, sweet apricot jam, savory onion soup mix and of course our tangy Russian salad dressing are the key components of this delicious meal.

I love trying out new recipes in the kitchen and this one is so easy. I’m sure with the assistance of an adult, even your teenage kids can make this Russian chicken dish and have your supper prepared for you by the time you get home from your busy day!

You can also make this dish for your family and friends to enjoy any day of the week. It’s great for potlucks and family gatherings. Perhaps you just need a quick and easy supper solution.

In todays tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make this delicious Russian chicken. Its sweet its savory and tangy all at the same time. A taste bud explosion for sure!

The very first time I had tried Russian chicken, I was living in Inuvik, Northwest territories and a friend of mine Jeanette originally from Nova Scotia had brought Russian chicken over for supper.

When she told me how easy it was to prepare I was super excited! Not only did I have a new dish to prepare, I also had a recipe that was amazingly delicious even for the pickiest of eaters.

Watch me prepare this delicious meal and the following video tutorial, recipe to follow:


Wasn’t that easy? In order to make this recipe you will need the following:


  • 4 to 6 boneless skinless chicken breast
  • A small jar of apricot jam 250 ml (I love Smuckers )
  • one package of dry onion soup mix
  • one small jar of Russian salad dressing available in most grocery stores


Simply cut your chicken breast into one to 2 inch cubes and place in your baking dish. Then mix together your Russian dressing, your apricot jam and your dry onion soup mix. Stir, then pour over top of your raw chicken. Stir again to Coat and then bake in a preheated 350° oven for about 60 minutes enjoy!

This Russian chicken is best served over a bed of plain basmati rice. If you desire, you can add a tsp. of curry powder to your rice like I have done. It gives a gorgeous yellow color.


As usual, I will share some of my favorite ingredients for the dressing I used Kraft find it here:


For the onion soup mix I use Great value find that here:


For the Jam I use Smuckers. When I don’t have my own homemade this one is the next best thing find it here:


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