Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Boards are all the rage! Here’s some tips to assemble your own.

The big charcuterie display shown here on my dining room table. was something I put together last summer. My husbands family was visiting from Nova Scotia, so I decided to have the whole family over. Young, old Aunties and Uncles & Friends It was a great time. Although this looks spectacular; It really wasn’t that difficult to put together. It was so pretty we had a hard time convincing people to eat it. Once they started there was no stopping them.

Charcuteries are great when having people over as it allows you to keep your guests full and entertained without you having to run back & forth to the kitchen & they last most of the night. Which allows you to truly enjoy your guests company.

Charcuterie Boards are all the rage now and with a few simple ingredients you can easily put one together. They can be small or more elaborate like the one shown above. Just grab a board or two arrange some different size bowls.

Check out these beautiful boards available for purchase on Etsy:

Next lay out your meats, these can be rolled or what I like to do is pinch the center of each slice and kind of make a triangle that gives a nice ruffled edge; Maybe some Kelbassa or Perreroni ( I love Chris Brothers!

A few types of cheeses Castello Tickler is Amazing!

A soft cheese and a hard is really nice, maybe a sharp and a mild. Add some fruit dried apricots, mango, colored grapes etc. and maybe some greenery like leafy lettuce, fresh thyme or rosemary.

Charcuterie boards allow you to get really creative! The next thing to do is fill your bowls I used spinach dip, a rhubarb relish & balsamic vinegar with olive oil. You could even use jam like apricot peach or something similar. Add some bread, crackers and maybe a few chocolates, nuts like pistachios or sweets to fill in your spaces. As you can see below we used Andes mints and Lindt balls.

Get creative, I like to do a combination of salty and sweet hitting your taste buds in all the right places. A mixture of colors to please the eye and voila, the perfect balance. Here’s another one very similar I threw together for my son and his girlfriend.


Don’t forget some napkins or some small toothpicks etc. for self- serving. Enjoy!

The above is just a few snacks and treats I put together for a friends visit place them together and voila another Charcuterie.

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