Calling all Angels

In an attempt to lesson the stresses of day to day life, to offer a little guidance, assistance, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, I decided to create a Facebook group. It’s a private group a place to share a place to feel empowered and less alone in this strange world we find ourselves living in. Today is it’s 3rd year anniversary. The group is called Calling all Angels you can find it here:

When I left Inuvik, I had the most difficult time adjusting, I found myself anxious and sad even though I had everything in the world to look up to. A new home, a new car, Retirement. Still I had trouble whether it was letting go of the past; or a fear of moving forward, I found myself stuck. I really wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself to be quite honest.

I was awakening spiritually, noticing all the things I hadn’t before; little things like how much we are bombarded day after day with the need to look like someone else, dress like someone else, act a certain way. Fit in with the “Norm” I was never good at that sort of thing. Especially when I was born to stand out.

During my time in Inuvik I was submerged into such diversity. Coming from the small island of Newfoundland I was exposed to cultures, people, customs & traditions from all over the world. Even the religions had so many similarities it really got me thinking about this world. Society seems to find a way to separate people more and more, even though we are all so much alike and all so very special indeed.

I started questioning my own faith still believing of course, but not sure what I should and shouldn’t believe, as there are so many cultures with such strong beliefs. I worked for a barber who was from Lebanon; He was so afraid that I was going to hell or whatever. Yes, me I know, I believe my self to be an exceptionally good person. I said, “Surely you can’t think I would go to the same place as a murderer or something when I die?”

Seeking answers, I went inside, That is where you’ll find all the answers you seek. I found myself sitting day after day in meditation aligning myself for the best day possible . Listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer. I even met him in person shortly before he passed away. Eventually, I stopped hanging on to the things that were no longer serving me, Bad habits, friends that grew apart, (totally natural as we are not the same person each day as we were 10 years ago.) cutting ties to anything really that wasn’t for my highest and best good.

As I shed the layers of my old self, new things started happening for me. One of the most life changing moments was 892 days ago, my Husbands cousin introduced me to Yoga with Adrienne Life changing to say the least I am forever grateful. I haven’t missed a day. Here’s an article I wrote for Elephant journal.

Adrienne Mishler, I can only imagine has been a positive influence for people worldwide. She’s created such a change in me; I feel compelled to share with everyone I meet. I cant imagine a day without yoga. I will include a link to her channel. Everyone needs to hop on that yoga train.

What if just for today you could set aside all your worries , who you want to be, where you want to go. I know you can we each have that super power, have a listen:

If you find yourself not knowing which way to turn or you need a little guidance or just someone to listen, I have created a community of angels all of us willing to help where we can. No judgments and its private. Everyone’s welcome.

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