How to Make Gravy 101 Newfoundland Style!

Making gravy can prove to be a daunting task; especially if you have no experience in the kitchen. This tried and true recipe comes from my wonderful memories. Passed down from generation to generation; my Father taught me to make this delicious gravy and for whatever reason it seems to improve every time I make it. Practice makes perfect!

I remember the day quite well; we were driving along the highway in an old school bus he had renovated into a camper. It was quite the camper I must say. It even had a washroom!

This is one of many busses!
Dad getting a shave

Oh the memories near and dear to my heart; he has since passed away. I am forever grateful to have such wonderful memories. We camped most of our childhood. I remember us girls getting home from school and every Friday Mom & Dad would have the camper ready to Go! It was Awesome!

Almost everyone we knew did this. CBC did an article back in the 80’s about the gravel pit campers. My Dad is playing the accordion. With a wicked tan for May 24th I might add.

So we are driving along the highway and he says “I’m feeling kinda hungry I’m going to pull over now and cook up a feed. You can make the gravy. I think I was 11 years old. I don’t remember what we had to eat because I was so distraught that my gravy was full of lumps I mean it looked terrible really terrible.

Dad ate it anyways of course and proceeded to tell me where I went wrong. It was a few things I could have done differently.

Dad was always the best cook. I remember mom worked night shift sometimes and he would fry us up fried egg sandwiches and thinly sliced potatoes; fried on the pan with lots of yummy butter. What I wouldn’t give for a plate of that now. Drenched in vinegar of course.

I think the worst thing I did to the gravy was not adding really cold water and not having the burner up high enough; I probably didn’t whisk enough either. It was a wonderful learning experience that I have never forgot. I am actually known for making really good gravy now. Funny how life works!

You can watch me make this yummy gravy here:

Ingredients for the gravy:

  • chicken, turkey, beef or other stock
  • 2/3 cup flour
  • 1 & 1/2 cups of COLD water
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • chicken or beef boullion if desired
  • Gravy browning


Place drippings or broth in a sauce pan ( if you have no drippings and are using powdered broth add a few tablespoons of butter for fat)

bring to a rolling boil mix flour with cold water using a whisk so there is no lumps. Slowly add to the rolling broth very slowly whisking the entire time. Don’t stop whisking! You’ll get lumps!

You may need to adjust the temperature of your burner during the process as shown in the video. When your gravy reaches your desired thickness, have a taste. Season with salt, pepper or more broth. I normally use Epicure. Its truly superior. I don’t sell it but know a few gorgeous gals who do.

When you are satisfied with the taste you will need to color your gravy. Gravy browning has no flavor its strictly for color. I used Cross and Blackwell a family favorite. You use way less product than other brands.

When your color is pleasing to your eye have another taste. If your satisfied serve. I usually add more salt and pepper at the table to satisfy all your guests taste buds. Enjoy!

I sure hope you enjoyed this tried and true recipe and the memories. Should you ever want to visit this beautiful place I call home I’ll include a link. Maybe you’ll get to go camping too. Just not on the side of the highway. They don’t allow that anymore.

My Dad!
fine feed of trout

Here’s the link as promised:

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Gravy 101 Newfoundland Style!

  1. Looks delicious, I made gravy for the first time this year, and I’m looking for new recipes to try! 🙂

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    1. Thanks gets better every time

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