A Step Back in Time

The old Kitchen

Nestled upon the hill in the picturesque town of Red Head Cove, NL lies this old red house. It even overlooks the sea. It’s all quite beautiful really, the town, the people, the landscape and especially this old red house.

My husbands family originates from Red Head Cove and many of his relatives still reside there. This house must be over a hundred years old and is absolutely beautiful. If these walls could only talk I’m sure there would be many many tales to tell.

Nestled up over the hill

I can envision the family living there now , with the crackling stove, the smell permeating through the house. Nan knitting in the corner, Supper keeping warm on the old stove. Skipper probably napping on the old day bed. Mittens and socks hung to dry. I’m sure there’d be a half dozen kids or more. It was a different time that’s for sure.

The old kitchen

We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to spend some time there last year. It was old Christmas day, I will never forget it. From the warmth of the old woodstove, the glow of the lanterns, the snow lightly falling. Big flakes I mean really big flakes you can see them in the picture above.

Being surrounded by family and friends ; you didn’t even notice that there was no power. Just like back in the day no electricity, no running water, no toilet. It was absolutely Incredible, amazing and a night to remember.

We ate from the old dishes, cooked beans on the stove, had the best cuppa tea ever and I was truly grateful for such an amazing experience.

the old dishes

It makes me a little sad knowing that the fancy china is slowly fading away. No longer appreciated like it once was. I have a wonderful collection to hopefully pass on to my granddaughter one day. Here’s a pic of the old pantry.

The pantry

As you can see we also brought some yummy snacks, Whatever was left from Christmas whether it was cookies, cakes or candies was all put out for everyone to enjoy just to make sure nothing went to waste. Just like the old days and I loved every minute of it.

After supper coming on dusk my husbands cousin Fabian broke out the guitar. I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea he could sing and play so well. It truly warmed the cockles of my heart. Ask Marylou.

Fabians guitar

Good food, great friends and excellent music; it was bound to be a spectacular evening had by all. And it proved to be just that. Look at the glow of the lantern or, the old oil lamp some might say. I still have a couple of these that I treasure.

The old lantern our only source of light

It’s a beautiful picture; I should add that the Crown Royal might have had a little something to do with keeping us warm. Here’s that same lantern in the daylight.


it was a chilly day

The day was surely coming to an end and we were loosing light by the minute. We were overjoyed to do just that. Have a look at the lighting on the table below. There was so much food we were stuffed to the gills as they say here in Newfoundland.

I’m sure we all felt warm and fuzzy; and to top it off the heat from the woodstove was unbelievable. As the night progressed, we even had a few scuffs on the old kitchen floor. Oh what fun we had!

Uncle Shawn and Brian

After a wonderful fun filled evening it was time to head home. My Husbands grandmothers home still stands in Red Head Cove. We stopped by on our way home. I’m not sure how old this house is but its very old. Marylou & I managed to get a pic by the tree in there.

So Beautiful

Unfortunately I don’t have a tried and true recipe for this post, as its mostly a story for my blog, however, I will share some links to this beautiful province I call home should you ever want to visit.


Marylou also was key in building and maintaining the Baccalieu View Walking Trail in Red Head Cove. You should absolutely check it out; its gorgeous! Seriously, It Even has fairy houses as well as an interpretation center seen here:

No photo description available.

Look whats inside

No photo description available.

That view:

No photo description available.
That view!


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2 thoughts on “A Step Back in Time

  1. Karen Manning (nee Hatch) Jan 23, 2022 — 1:24 pm

    Hi Julie I think we might be related, I too am from Red Head Cove. I love the picture of Shawn and Brian, Shawn is my cousin. My Nan and Pop were Cyril and Clara Hatch and my dad Paul Hatch.
    I love that old Red House. I have very many fond memories of growing up in Red Head Cove with all my cousins.


    1. Hi Karen
      Shawn is my husband’s uncle, Ben is Sheldons father so that means you and Sheldon must be cousins too.
      I love Red Head Cove too . I know Max and Ken Hatch and family 😊


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