A Day to Remember Aboard the Michael Mariner!

Beautiful day on the water

I didn’t imagine a day so perfect as this one. It was glorious, the waters were calm the birds were chirping and we were on our way. The Hyde Family took us boating, well it was more of a cruise with this beautiful boat and the weather was ideal for sailing.

It was early morning we all gathered at the boat which was docked in Baie de Verde. Coolers, food, guitars and accordions. I just knew it was going to be spectacular!

The Michael Mariner

In the following video we are just getting ready to leave so exciting!


We left Baie De Verde and went to Fridays Cove, then Grates Cove and then onto the northern end of the Baccalieu Island where we saw a few whales and thousands upon thousands of puffins and turrs we even saw an eagle! just look:

Puffins in their natural habitat they are the cutest! photo credit Frank Hyde

They were literally everywhere above below as far as your eyes could see:

my sister Lorraine and her husband Randy
All puffins!

The following video is a little louder but you can really see the puffins all over the water. Another reason to love the Bay and all its Beauty!

Whale tail
More puffins! photo credit Frank Hyde

I even got pooped on by a puffin! Hopefully its a sign of good luck!

puffin poop! it was peach in color lol
photo credit Frank Hude

We continued on our journey to Wester point. We saw the remains of the old lighthouse and the old landing where light keepers would land their supplies.

Fabian tells me his father stared working there in the early 1950’s. They would bring along their wives and children and would stay there for 6 months at a time. Later on they changed it to one month on, one month off. It must have been quite the experience.

The remains of the old house

There would be two families and two light keepers along with their families staying there at a time, amazing to say the least. Here’s an old picture from 1963:

If these walls could talk, Photo credit Mary Lou Riggs
Truly Amazing! Photo credit Mary Lou Riggs

Upon leaving Wester Point we continued on our journey to the back of the island where we saw many many more birds. Including the nesting site of the Northern Gannets.

The nesting site! So many birds!
Beautiful birds! photo credit Frank Hyde
truly amazing! I wonder what they are saying! photo credit Frank Hyde
even more puffins!

After all this excitement it was time for a feed! And what a feed we had there was so much food everyone bought along a little something. It was wonderful to have everyone together once again. Soul food!

nobody was hungry that’s for sure!
pinwheel sandwiches

a little charcuterie
my sisters famous chicken salad before combining all together
No photo description available.
My famous meatballs yummy! This is an old pic mine were devoured before I could get a pic

We even had muscles. Newfoundland style I’ll share a recipe for that later.

mmmmm muscles!

When your in Newfoundland wherever there is food there is music! Lots of beautiful music!


Traditional Newfoundland Music along with a funny little song.


We can’t forget Music and Friends. That’s what life if all about. Just the sound of the water with the music in the background is enough to warm the cockles of your heart at least it does mine.

Our Captain Ray & one of our wonderful musicians
Fabian Hyde rockin out a tune!

After a fine feed, a fine view a couple of scuffs and a little yoga for me; we steamed back to Baie de Verde. It truly was the most perfect day. We were most certainly Rockin’ on water!

You’d swear I was praying for more days like these
Anytime is a good time for a tree pose!
Da Boys!

Don’t you just love all the names? Baccalieu has a lot of place names that are variations on names of places in England. Lunin (London), Brister (Bristol) and Whales just to name a few. The English must have been among the early settlers.

The Baccalieu is such a beautiful place with the most beautiful people you will ever find. I am proud to call them Family and very grateful to be included in our little excursion.

Talk about family I’m going to share a recipe with you for those gorgeous steamed muscles we devoured Uncle Shawn bought those along.

Recipe for muscles:

This recipe is pretty simple once your muscles are scrubbed clean simply grab a pot of salt water, ocean water works best. Add a can or bottle of your favorite beer steam for a few minutes and serve with garlic butter. Enjoy!

yummy muscles
Uncle Shawn Max Relaxed!

I sure hope you enjoyed our adventure; a wonderful time was had by all. Absolutely a day to remember!

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Should you wish to visit this beautiful province of Newfoundland heres a link to help you along the way:


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2 thoughts on “A Day to Remember Aboard the Michael Mariner!

  1. Hi Julie,

    What an amazing time. How about those puffins. Inspired bird life up there. We recently spent 5 months in Panama and I genuinely believe witnessing all of the bird life down there was my favorite part of the trip. Nature is phenomenal.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ryan it sure was an amazing time. Panama must have been beautiful too .. Nature blows my mind 😊


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