Seedless Newfoundland Bake-Apple Jam Recipe!

gorgeous color!

It’s Bake apple time in Newfoundland! Yet another favorite time of year for me! Bake apple berries, Salmon berries, yellow berries, cloud berries or as my friend in Inuvik says ‘Aqpiqs sounds like Uk-Piks,” Whatever you want to call them, these delicious berries have a very distinct, unique flavor that’s absolutely divine.

Todays tried and true recipe has been perfected over the years and taste tested by many. It uses just 4 simple ingredients and is super easy to make. When ready, this Bake apple jam recipe can be used to make bake apple cheesecake, tarts, or simply spread on a slice of homemade bread or crackers.

Bake-apples as we say here in Newfoundland, look similar to a raspberry I guess but with an yellow-orange color. When unripe the berry has more of a red tone then as it matures it turns into a gorgeous yellow orange juicy berry. Some say you can taste a bit of honey apricot . For me they have a bit of a smoky undertone again, the flavor is indescribable and absolutely unique.

Newfoundland Bake apple in its native habitat

Pictured above, you can see growing in the center of the bake apples, lies the official flower of Newfoundland. The pitcher plant also called Sarracenia purpurea. Wherever you see these plants you can be almost certain you’ll find the bake apple near by.

They grow near the bog and you sometimes have to walk for miles through the tundra just to get a few. You may get your feet wet and you may get eaten alive by black flies, mosquitos and stouts, but I promise you it will be worth every bite. I was pretty lucky I never got a single bug, bite my friends on the other hand were not so lucky. Eucalyptus works!

Way way over across the water
Some ripe and some just about

You can see the difference between the ripe and the unripe, they unripe are quite a bit darker. I’ll take them home to clean and separate. the ripe ones will be made into jam and the unripe ones put into jars with hot syrup and hot water bathed and they will ripen and plump right up in no time.

Watch me make this bake apple jam below:

I used a Foley food mill to remove the seeds, its the only thing hubby doesn’t like about this jam. It does a great job of removing the seeds you’ll find one here:

you can see how it separates the seeds; works great for other berries apples and tomatoes

Inorder to make this tried and true recipe for bake apple jam you will need the following ingredients:


  • ripe bake apples
  • sugar
  • lemon juice
  • a very small amount of water

How to make:

Clean, measure, and place bake apples in a deep sauce pan. Add a very small amount of water on the bottom of the pan just to ensure the berries don’t burn.

Add your sugar a good way to determine the amount of sugar you will need is to measure 1/2 the amount as you had of bake apples. For example, if you had 4 cups of berries you will add 2 cups of sugar. This amount can be increased to your taste but be sure not to over sweeten or lessen the sugar as your jam may not set properly.

Add Lemon juice and if desired a tsp. of butter; this will help reduce the foaming caused by the berries cooking. Bring to a full rolling boil and allow to simmer long enough that the jam starts to thicken slightly. It will thicken more upon standing.

A spoon test is good if your inexperienced here’s a great resource if you would like to know more:

Once you have reached your setting point, ladle into clean sterile jars. Remove air bubbles , a butter knife works great for this. Wipe rims and place lids finger tight.

With your jar lifter, place jars in a large canning pot or other pot with a lid and a rack on bottom that has been filled with water and brought to a boil. Careful you don’t burn yourself. Make sure there is atleast an inch of water over the top of the filled jars. Place lid on pot and bring back up to a boil for 10 mins. or longer depending on your altitude. When you hear a pop your jar is sealed, it will also create a slight indentation in the center of the lid.


All done!
Me with my bucket getting full!

If you are unable to get your hands on these yummy berries you can purchase some jam here:

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