Spectacular Capelin Roll 2021


As you can probably tell from the photo above, I absolutely adore this time of year. Usually mid June-July these shiny little fish come in droves covering the shores of Newfoundland beaches every year. They come to spawn and when they do, its quite the spectacle!

It’s also a sign that summer is just around the corner, My Favorite time of year. Adults and children no matter the age, Love to come to collect these little silver fish. Its quite fun as you can see; here I am again filling my bucket! So exciting! Most times you can see whales and all kinds of other birds as well.


This year I went back to the Droke! Located in Conception Bay North, its one of the most beautiful places on earth; so peaceful it keeps me coming back year after year after year.

the Droke
The Droke

You can see the foggy mist in the picture! The perfect Capelin weather they love the foggy dew! It was a cool morning a little rain shower but that wasn’t stopping me. I just get so excited; “worst than the kids” Mom would say!


Just look! The beach was covered no trouble to fill your bucket or tub or whatever container you have handy that you can put them in.

a fine feed!

Not only did I fill my bucket, I also filled my boots with water! Too excited to pay attention to the waves. I didn’t care my mind was focused on the caplin! I had no trouble filling my bucket!

mmm caplin!

There are so many uses for caplin. Whether you want to pan fry them, dry them, bake them or turn them into fish sauce. That’s right. Some people layer them with salt & let them ferment. It creates a wonderful fish sauce.

You don’t always have to eat them; some people use them as bait or fertilizer in the garden. To do this, simply put the fish under the soil and then cover with more soil. Great for potatoes especially! One lady said she takes a screwdriver and puts a hole in the ground then puts a capelin in the hole and covers it ! Brilliant!

Here’s a great article from downhome life.com with pictures of the capelin drying etc.


Whenever I catch Capelin, this song comes to mind every time. She has a wonderful voice; I know first hand what it’s like longing to come home to Newfoundland. Have a listen:


Hubby was sure to capture the moment! There were so many!

Heres a few pics from Last year!

so many!!
caplin 2020

I’m hoping to go back next weekend when the fishery opens up. This time I’ll be catching the cod fish. They love to fill their bellies full of capelin and then the whales come in after the cod! Mother Nature at its finest. A sight to see!

Talk about Mother Nature, Newfoundland is famous for its beautiful sunrises. Check out these pics from the morning of July 4th, 2021.

Ain’t no ordinary skies

I won’t leave you without a recipe should you be fortunate enough to get your hands on some:


Should you ever get the opportunity to visit this beautiful province I call home you must check out the annual caplin roll. Here’s a link to help you plan:


Here’s a link to last years Caplin roll there’s even a nice recipe for you to enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Spectacular Capelin Roll 2021

  1. Wow! This is such a fun activity for summer, and the skies are just beautiful. I just love beaches and late sunsets in the summer too! 🙂

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    1. Thanks we just love it and the beach ❤️

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